Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: The Editor
Lecture: Discovering new features

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0:00 Let's talk about discovering new features.
0:02 We saw all these things we can do with this editor.
0:05 And yet surely you've forgotten some of them.
0:08 You're like, I don't remember how to do this or that.
0:10 Notice there's all sorts of squiggles on the screen.
0:13 Like here we have a pep 8 violation.
0:15 We really should have two lines like right there,
0:17 but we don't This should have a space between the equals there.
0:21 This should be up adjacent to the parentheses.
0:24 This is over indented. Making these under indented,
0:28 which is not lined up. All these things are weird and what we need to
0:31 do is reformat the code. I saw that Michael did some kind of thing that
0:37 had a hotkey to do it.
0:38 But how does that work? There's a couple of ways we can do this on
0:42 Mac OS. You can use the operating system level.
0:45 Like I can go up here and I can type a reformat and it will actually
0:50 go and show me where that is in the menu and show me the hot key
0:53 And you can see you can see things like,
0:56 well, what else could I do?
0:57 I could run I could go and run the program and so on.
1:02 All right. But that only works on Mac.
1:04 Let's use the PyCharm way.
1:06 There's something similar to that built in.
1:08 So, if we go over here and hit 'cmd+shift+A' or I believe it's
1:12 ctrl+shift+A on the other platforms.
1:15 I can come over and type of reformat lets spell.
1:19 I notice right there it is.
1:20 Reformat. Oh, that's right.
1:21 It's 'cmd+alt+ L' or opt+cmd+L depending on how your keyboard reset,
1:27 let's do that. There we go.
1:29 So much better. All those issues are gone.
1:32 I want to run just command shift day.
1:33 A new type of run. Guess what?
1:35 Let's run our program. Boom.
1:37 There's all of our stuff downloaded.
1:39 And again notice that we can see the hot keys,
1:42 for example, 'ctrl+r' our reformat 'opt+cmd+L' for my current key bindings.
1:49 The other thing to notice is this is just that search anywhere or search everywhere that
1:54 we had before. But instead of having it focused on all its focused on actions
2:01 so we can hit a single key and just type what we want to have happen
2:05 rather than coming from hear clicking over there clicking there than typing it.
2:09 Right But if you forget,
2:11 you can always just click here and then here.
2:13 So don't hesitate to use this. It will be incredibly helpful.