Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: The Editor
Lecture: Editor introduction

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0:02 It's time to focus on the editor. This is the most important tool from any development environment that you want to work with
0:11 and in PyCharm, it's no different. The editor is the most important place where you're going to spend almost all of your
0:18 time. Everything else adds to this experience. As you can imagine. The editor and PyCharm is really good at working on
0:25 Python code. But what's not obvious is it's actually much, much more. I've heard people say,
0:30 well I don't use PyCharm because I actually do a lot of stuff on the web and so I want to be able to work with other files like Javascript and
0:36 HTML Well, guess what, As you'll learn, PyCharm has great support for Javascript, Typescript, Coffee script, CSS, LESS. You name it.
0:47 HTML the various templates, Jinja, Chameleon and Django and so on. So this editor, while primarily we're going to be using it for Python because your
0:55 Python developers and this is a PyCharm course, it actually works on many, many things beyond just straight '.py' files.
1:04 And you'll see that this editor, because of the projects that we already spoke about understands your code better than almost any
1:10 other tool, as far as I know better than any other tool out there. But in PyCharm, the editor has many subtle benefits and aspects that are really
1:20 powerful, so they're not always obvious and that's a big part of what this whole chapter is about. So lets go and discover all the amazing features.

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