Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: PyCharm Projects
Lecture: Your turn

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0:00 As I'm sure you know the way you learn programming and tools like this is through practice and experience not just watching,
0:08 even though that is a nice way to get exposure to the ideas. So in this course I've created a whole section called your turn.
0:16 Now it is your turn for this chapter And since this is the first one, I'm going to walk you through it a little more than normal.
0:23 So come on down here to the your turn section and then find the project that we're working on right now. This is a section one of the first your turn
0:32 we come down here. It basically has a read me that you just fall along Sometimes it might have a project that you start from or some other data that
0:39 it's going to say for you to pick up and use but this one, it's just start from scratch. We're going to do two things in this.
0:45 Your turn, one is you're going to create a new project like we did and then the other is to work with an existing project. So to create a new project,
0:53 it will talk you through the steps and what to do and how to use the
0:57 PyCharm settings to create that new project with a virtual environment and so on and then you get it running, get it going.
1:04 The next thing we'll do is start out with a complex project like we did previously you just follow along through the steps here.
1:11 Not absolutely required, but I encourage you to do it because I do think if you fall along through these your turns,
1:16 it will help the idea of stick and give you a chance to explore them right away.

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