Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: PyCharm Projects
Lecture: Run configurations

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0:00 We saw that. We can right click on a file and say 'run' But what
0:03 exactly does that mean? There might be parameters we need to pass to that as
0:07 a application. There might be working directories or other things that we need to change
0:11 So we can go over to the run configurations in the top right here and
0:15 modify those. So if we click on that little drop down,
0:18 we can choose to either edit the application run or the test run in this particular
0:24 application. Of course. These were originally created by clicking on the app and saying
0:29 run this once it's created, we might want to go and control it.
0:32 So we can say edit it will open up like this and it's even categorized.
0:36 Here's the python applications versus the tests that are going to run in 'Py' tests.
0:40 We can give it a new name.
0:41 We can allow multiple ones of them to run at the same time.
0:45 Change the parameters, Change the python interpreter,
0:48 the interpreter options, all that kind of stuff.
0:51 We could even control whether or not they're little tools and things that run before our
0:56 application runs. So really nice way to configure this.
1:00 If there's not a nice right click run operation,
1:04 there's a plus in the top left here and then I'll let you do things like
1:07 create a Flask app that we use Flask ground or create a pyramid app that will
1:11 run the I&I files.
1:12 The primary definition of how the apps is supposed to run.
1:16 So all sorts of good things to further control how your app is going to run over a run configurations.