Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: PyCharm Projects
Lecture: Using the EAP version

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0:00 I spent some time telling you how cool PyCharm is,
0:02 but I think it's time that we actually get down to business and write some code
0:05 and work with some python projects.
0:07 Now before I start PyCharm
0:09 I want to point out one thing really quickly here.
0:12 So remember I recommended that used the JetBrains toolbox to install PyCharm because it keeps
0:17 it up to date. For example,
0:18 if I want Android Studio, I just click that button,
0:20 I have it and it keeps itself up to date.
0:23 So you can actually see three versions of PyCharm over here.
0:26 Even though we were told there were two there's an EAP early access program
0:31 that I'm going to be using because there are some cosmetic changes that are coming in
0:36 PyCharm. I've been talking to the PyCharm team that I got to be
0:39 aware that there's some changes coming.
0:40 I want to make sure that you incorporate that into the new course.
0:43 So I'm going to be using this EAP version but I recommend you just
0:47 use the main stable dev version unless you feel like living on the cutting edge with
0:52 that out of the way, let's get started.