Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Why PyCharm and IDEs?
Lecture: Get the source code on GitHub

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0:00 Everything that you see me type during this course will be available in the Git Hub repository. I want you to take a moment,
0:08 pause the video and just go over to this. You're all right here or in the course details page.
0:13 You can just click the repo button and it will take you straight to it. Be sure to star and fork the repo.
0:18 It should already have all the code that we've created during this course as well as
0:23 things like that cheat sheet. Your turn exercises everything you need to participate in this
0:28 course. Either to repeat what I have done or to go through the exercises and so on will be available over here on GitHub in the public so go grab
0:37 it, start, fork it right now.

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