Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Why PyCharm and IDEs?
Lecture: Python runtimes

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0:00 If you're new to Python, you might not realize there's actually multiple run times. Sometimes they're referred to as Interpreters,
0:07 but they don't all interpret. Some of them compile and run as Jit. So I prefer the term Run Times.
0:13 So we have the older Python 2 in the modern Python 3. But on top of that there's other ones like Cython,
0:19 which lets you write type annotated Python code that compiles to see and then runs near the speed of C. There's a 'pypy'which is a jit compiled
0:31 version of CPython. There's Jython which runs Python on top of the JVM There's 'ironPython' which runs Python on top of the '.NetCLR'
0:40 And there's other interoperability things as well. But PyCharm supports all of these different interpreters and probably some others that I'm not
0:49 even think to list here as well. But when you work with these different environments, PyCharm does know about them and helps you with them.

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