Effective PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Why PyCharm and IDEs?
Lecture: PyCharm is more than just Python

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0:00 As we start to explore these features around PyCharm. You need to think about the building blocks.
0:05 It turns out that PyCharm is actually more than just a Python IDE. I've had people talk to me and say you know what I've
0:13 heard. PyCharm is awesome and I should totally be using it. But you know what I have to do Javascript and Typescript as well.
0:19 And I also build an electron JS app so I'm not going to use that. I'm gonna use something else that understands the javascript really well.
0:26 Well you know what? It's because the name is a little bit confusing. Well why were these PyCharm on those types of things?
0:33 It turns out if you look at all the different JetBrains IDE's PyCharm, AppCode, CLion, IntelliJ.
0:39 All these things are actually built upon the IntelliJ platform. Now the J originally comes from Java.
0:45 Yes but it's been built to be extensible and work as a IDE. For basically any language or any environment. So we've got PyCharm for Python.
0:55 We've got WebStorm for things like Typescript and Javascript. We've got AppCode for Swift and Objective C.
1:02 And so on because PyCharm is built on intelliJ. Basically all any feature that shows up in intelliJ will be also a Py Charm feature.
1:09 I mentioned WebStorm. This is Jetbrains IDE's for working on all the web things mostly front end Javascript, Typescript, CSS, LESS
1:21 'electron Js', Vue.Js all that kind of stuff. And there's another one called DataGrip which is all about working with databases and working
1:30 with the SQL, create scripts, queries, all the select consoles, all the query consoles and whatnot. So those are separate IDE's that you can go get.
1:40 But in the professional version of PyCharm, it actually has Web Storm embedded in it effectively and it has data grip embedded in
1:48 it. So all of the cool javascript stuff that you can do with the Web Storm. Well guess what you can do basically all of that with PyCharm,
1:54 All the cool database stuff. You can do a DataGrip, you can do that with PyCharm as well.
1:59 So back to that person I spoke to they said well I would use something like
2:02 Web Storm because I really got to use proper Javascript stuff and I can't use PyCharm or maybe I would use VS Code. because it understands Typescript,
2:10 So does PyCharm. And the reason why is PyCharm.
2:13 Professional basically has all these other pieces integrated into it or is built from it. However you wanna think about that.

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