Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Tool windows
Lecture: A preloaded terminal

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0:00 Sometimes you want quick access to your shell
0:03 and over here I could obviously open up terminal and I have my shell
0:07 and I happen to run, you can see up here zsh
0:10 I run oh my zsh which is really, really nice
0:13 you can get it on ohmyz. sh really, really nice, my favorite by far.
0:19 So it does things like if you're in git repo
0:23 right here this is the one for our course
0:25 you can see that it changes the prompt to adapt to get status and things like that,
0:30 so really, really nice, it has great memory of what you've typed
0:34 and sort of auto complete and so on.
0:36 Now, when we're over in PyCharm there are times
0:39 when we might want access to the terminal
0:42 but just kind of like with the Python console
0:45 we wanted sort of in our working directory
0:47 with our virtual environment activated
0:49 so if I wanted to actually work with this I actually come over here and go
0:52 oh yeah what is this thing, let's see in here
0:55 there's this, this, so maybe I can activate this
0:59 and then go to the right directory and so on,
1:01 I can easily recreate this, but I've got to know what I'm doing
1:05 and sometimes you just want to quickly run a thing
1:08 as if you had gotten into your proper environment and that's down here,
1:11 so notice, automatically activates with our virtual environment
1:16 and notice that it picks up your native shell
1:19 so I'm using oh my zsh like I just said,
1:22 and here it is right, you see it's actually down here
1:24 and the last thing I typed was that,
1:27 it has auto complete back to my normal things,
1:30 so it's really, really nice, if you want to do
1:32 something like pip install-r requirements
1:36 that one, see it even auto completes through those,
1:39 boom, and that sort of works against my environment that is my project right,
1:43 we just ran that against that against that virtual environment,
1:46 so really, really nice to just jump into the shell
1:48 but the shell activated the way your program
1:52 or your run configurations and your project would see it.