Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: The Editor
Lecture: Introducing the PyCharm editor

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0:01 It's time to talk about the editor.
0:04 That's super important because what is PyCharm
0:06 other than a super amazing and feature rich tool for writing code.
0:12 Now, we're going to focus on writing Python code,
0:14 actually this editor works awesome on Javascript and HTML and CSS
0:19 and all sorts of other things.
0:21 But mostly we're going to focus on Python
0:23 because, well it's PyCharm, you guys are Python developers.
0:26 You'll see that the editor in PyCharm is really rich
0:29 and there's a ton of little subtle things that it does for us
0:33 that are amazing, but not immediately obvious,
0:36 so let's go discover them.