Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: PyCharm Projects
Lecture: Your turn: Projects

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0:01 You've seen how PyCharm worked with projects, now it's your turn.
0:05 It's your turn to open PyCharm, play around with it
0:08 and explore some of the features around projects
0:11 and you can just go and open any old project and play with it
0:15 but I actually have a set of hands-on instructions
0:18 for you to follow if you'd like.
0:20 So over here on the github repository under tree master your turn 01 projects
0:26 we have some specific things for you guys to do
0:30 to make sure that you remember and practice the various things around projects.
0:34 Let's explore them.
0:37 So this is your first hands-on exercise.
0:39 Let's go over here to the repository
0:42 notice, there's a your turn section here
0:44 and there's a your turn for almost every single chapter in this course.
0:50 So let's go over here and look at projects and see what we got going on.
0:54 So for projects, we have two things we're going to do
0:56 open up a new project or create a project
0:59 and add some code to it and run it
1:01 and then we're going to open a somewhat complicated existing project
1:04 configure it in PyCharm and then run it as well.
1:08 So you can just follow the steps, it should be pretty straightforward.
1:12 So we're going to go create a sort of a hello world
1:14 and make sure that you use the virtual environment
1:16 feature in Python, 2017.3 or greater.
1:21 This is nice, you get to play with this
1:23 and we'll come down here and you also get to
1:25 open up the jumpstart course demos
1:28 and play with the wizard class here, the wizard game
1:31 and one of the things to make sure that is the goal of this part
1:35 is to not just make sure that you run it with a virtual environment,
1:37 but also that this line 4 here has no squigglies, no errors.
1:41 So you'll see how to do that as you go through
1:43 and if you find any sort of mistake in these instructions,
1:47 you can submit an issue or a PR to fix them.
1:50 I've tested it out, hopefully it's all working well for you,
1:52 so go out there, take a few moments and try PyCharm here.