Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: PyCharm Projects
Lecture: venv conventions

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0:01 Now you saw in the beginning
0:04 when we opened our existing project for that snake_bnb
0:06 I went and I created a virtual environment on the command line
0:10 using Python 3 venv command.
0:14 And so there's conventions
0:16 that PyCharm understands and this is super nice,
0:18 so here's typically how I would make a new project in PyCharm
0:21 that uses environment, you just saw the gui but actually this is a lot quicker.
0:25 So I might make a folder and then go into that folder
0:29 and create a virtual environment using this Python 3 command right here,
0:33 this would be exactly the same thing if you had gotten a project of a github,
0:37 just you don't make the directory the git clone does that,
0:40 if you go in there and then you run this command
0:43 and then when we open this project in PyCharm,
0:47 we open that folder or directory in PyCharm,
0:50 notice, we've already got that virtual environment automatically detected
0:53 as long as it wasn't previously opened in PyCharm,
0:57 because it creates this sort of project file
1:00 that one time figures out what interpreter to use, and then it's set.
1:02 So long as you do the command line stuff first and then you open the directory,
1:05 you'll have this virtual environment set up super quick and easy.