Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: PyCharm Projects
Lecture: Concept: Navigating within a project

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0:01 So you've seen our editor is also
0:04 a rich navigation surface really, so anything up here,
0:08 like for example this purchase where we have our cursor,
0:11 if we want to know where that is, what defines it, what files are in
0:15 all we have to do is hit command b and out it comes,
0:19 we can see look it was in
0:23 and it's this class defined exactly like this,
0:26 so anything you want you can either come along
0:29 and you can use the hotkey command b or control b
0:32 or you can hold down control or command and then click with the mouse
0:37 and just navigate to anything that doesn't restrict to your code either
0:41 this could be in this case the code we wrote, this data types thing
0:45 or it could be an external package
0:47 or it could be something built into the standard library there,
0:50 so you can navigate to almost anything
0:52 and you want to really make use of this
0:54 because it really helps you find the code, understand the code super quickly.