Mastering PyCharm Transcripts
Chapter: Why PyCharm and IDEs?
Lecture: PyCharm is more than just Python

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0:01 Something that is not immediately obvious,
0:04 and I know a couple of people in fact, I think even myself when I first got started
0:08 didn't realize exactly how the building blocks
0:10 are all put together to make PyCharm.
0:13 PyCharm is obviously a Python editor.
0:15 But as I've hinted, it also does other things
0:18 like the database tooling that I talked about,
0:21 or the fact that it does TypeScript and ElectronJS
0:24 which is really doing Node and things like that.
0:27 There's actually a bunch of other tools
0:29 that are put together to make up PyCharm.
0:32 So, across JetBrains, they have all these different IDEs,
0:36 they have PyCharm, they have something called WebStorm
0:39 which is for Javascript and HTML,
0:41 they have something called AppCode
0:43 which is for building IOS apps and things like Swift, and so on.
0:47 But all of these IDEs are built upon this common platform called IntelliJ.
0:52 IntelliJ originally comes from just the Java IDE,
0:56 but it's very extensible and configurable
0:59 and they've made it so it can be the foundation of all these different things,
1:02 so anything that IntelliJ does pretty much is
1:04 something that PyCharm or these other editors can do.
1:07 But it also has WebStorm, so WebStorm is really awesome,
1:12 my favorite straight Javascript, TypeScript editor
1:15 if you're doing something like TypeScript, let's say AngularJS,
1:21 Ionic, Cordova, something like that, it's a really great place to work
1:26 or like I said, ElectronJS, something like that,
1:29 it really understands Javascript, CSS, HTML super well,
1:33 and in fact, the pro version of PyCharm has all the features of WebStorm in it.
1:39 That's just part of what it does, it will do all the things that WebStorm does
1:43 plus all the Python things.
1:45 It also has this thing called DataGrip, as its foundation,
1:48 so DataGrip is a standalone database IDE from JetBrains, on IntelliJ,
1:55 this is all plugged in, all the database functionality comes from there.
1:59 So when you think of PyCharm, you should really think of
2:02 PyCharm the Python editor plus WebStorm plus DataGrip
2:05 as this sort of holistic, full stack tool that you can use
2:09 for anything to do with web development,
2:12 but also just databases, or the data science tools that plug in as well,
2:16 but you can think of WebStorm and DataGrip as a subset of PyCharm.