HTMX + Flask: Modern Python Web Apps, Hold the JavaScript Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion and review
Lecture: Thank you and goodbye

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0:00 Well, it's time to say goodbye.
0:02 I hope you've enjoyed this course.
0:03 Congratulations on making it all the way to the end.
0:07 I don't know how you feel,
0:08 but personally, I think htmx transforms the way that we can build web applications.
0:14 Using the HTML partials, the Jinja partials library, transformed the way we can structure our
0:19 code and reuse the HTML side of our code.
0:24 It's really powerful. There's a bunch of cool lessons to take for building your app
0:28 This course was in Flask.
0:30 But to be honest, you could do this in almost any of the Python web
0:34 frameworks. You could use Django,
0:35 you could use Pyramid. You could use something like FastAPI, I think
0:40 you can adapt it to pretty much whatever you'd like to do.
0:43 That's part of the beauty of htmx and the HOWL sack,
0:46 isn't it? All right, well thank you,
0:48 thank you, thank you for taking the course.
0:50 I hope you enjoyed it. If you go out and you build something amazing,
0:53 be sure to shoot me a message and share it with me.
0:55 I'd love to see it. Bye, good luck.