HTMX + Flask: Modern Python Web Apps, Hold the JavaScript Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion and review
Lecture: Examples first, docs second

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0:00 As you continue your journey through htmx.
0:02 I encourage you to start with the examples.
0:05 The documentation is fine, but I really find that going to an example that shows exactly
0:11 the two or three pieces of htmx
0:14 that you need to bring together, to get everything to work just right for that scenario.
0:17 That's really what you need.
0:20 The way that I learned htmx and the way I encourage you to continue your
0:24 exploration is go to the examples,
0:26 find something that's doing just what you would like, and then you can go over to
0:30 the documentation to say look at the hx-trigger to figure out what the options
0:35 are for maybe a delay there or something like that.
0:37 Right? Use the example and then let that drive you or dive deeper into the
0:42 documentation. And here's an idea if you don't find an example of something you want,
0:47 and then you figure it out.
0:48 Go and submit a pull request to add an example that will show that for people
0:53 right? So you can help contribute back to the htmx project.
0:57 Right? So remember is a great jumping off point for going further.