HTMX + Flask: Modern Python Web Apps, Hold the JavaScript Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion and review
Lecture: HOWL for the finish line

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0:00 Look at that. It's the course conclusion, you've made it to the end of the course. That sure looks like a finish line,
0:07 yep, that's right. You've done it. So you are ready to build dynamic web apps with htmx.
0:13 You've seen three separate examples where we've taken a rich web application that was completely server
0:19 side and had no frontend dynamic nature to it, our video collector app, and we added "Click to Edit" to add a new video.
0:27 We added "Active Search" with browser history and deep linking. And we even added "Infinite Scroll". With all those examples at hand,
0:36 you should be able to build pretty much whatever you want. So let's review what we've learned.
0:42 We began by talking about the HOWL stack, Hypertext On Whatever Language and framework you want,
0:49 as opposed to the MEAN stack or the LAMP stack or some other technology specific stack. This is sort of a freedom statement.
0:58 Look, you can use whatever you want. Now the title of this course had "Hold the JavaScript" in it and some people maybe see that and go,
1:06 oh you're anti JavaScript. No, not at all. I'm just pro whatever technology you want to use, so long in
1:13 the world, we've been told you must use JavaScript, and you have to use JavaScript
1:17 on the front end you should probably use more than you're using now and then why do you even have that server stuff anyway because guess what?
1:23 You're barely doing any of it anymore. This lets us use Python in a very powerful and clean way and build dynamic
1:31 interactive web applications. But it could have been ASP.NET, it could have been JAVA. Heck it could even be NodeJS on the server and
1:40 htmx on the front end instead of Vue. So it's definitely not anti anything, it's pro whatever you want for your language and framework.
1:49 I love this idea of the HOWL stack, and I hope it empowers you to work on the web platforms that you love.
1:55 I'm guessing that's Python, because you made it all the way through this course.

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