HTMX + Flask: Modern Python Web Apps, Hold the JavaScript Transcripts
Chapter: Feature 1: Click-to-edit
Lecture: Our first feature: Click to edit

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0:00 In this chapter, we're going to add the first of three features that we're going
0:04 to add using htmx, "Click to Edit".
0:08 In our sample application, we saw we had different categories of videos and in each
0:12 category there was a bunch of videos. Over here,
0:15 we would like to go and add the ability to seamlessly and subtly turn our categories
0:22 into editable categories, something small and out of the way until we interact with it,
0:27 will expand into some form that will allow us to enter YouTube video information that will
0:33 then be saved back into that category and saved into the database.
0:38 So we're going to leverage htmx's
0:40 click to edit feature as well as a few other cool tricks to put a little
0:45 polish on that. Let's get to it.