HTMX + Flask: Modern Python Web Apps, Hold the JavaScript Transcripts
Chapter: Surveying the non-js-enabled Flask app
Lecture: Introducing our web app: Video Collector

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0:00 Now you've seen htmx in action. I bet you're about ready to dig into some code, and we're almost ready to start
0:07 writing htmx-enabled Flask web apps. We have one thing to do first and that's
0:13 what this chapter is about. In this chapter we're going to review the application
0:17 were starting from. What you saw over on those example pages was extremely simple, extremely isolated bits of fairly unstyled and to be honest,
0:27 uninspiring examples. What they could do is powerful and amazing, but to see them in action is to kind of see some just unstyled basic
0:37 HTML. For this course, what I've done is design a beautiful, somewhat realistic, fairly full-featured application that allows you to collect videos,
0:47 put them in a cool categories with nice visualizations, go and play the videos, interact with the videos and see their thumbnails and stuff
0:56 like that. So for this course we're going to start with an existing Flask application that already has a solid web design.
1:04 We're basically gonna do no more web design for the course. But we are starting from an application that's not just completely bare HTML,
1:13 it's cool, it does stuff, it looks beautiful. So we're going to dive into the code here and get you
1:19 all situated so you can run the starter code and start developing along with me for the rest of the course. Let's dive into that sample app/

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