HTMX + Flask: Modern Python Web Apps, Hold the JavaScript Transcripts
Chapter: Exploring the examples on
Lecture: A tour of htmx examples

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0:00 Welcome to Chapter two. In this chapter we're going to explore a bunch of pre-built pre-canned examples on
0:11 htmx is a technology that is fairly unlike what you are used to. We're familiar with JavaScript that calls stuff on the server.
0:19 We're familiar with server-side code that generates HTML that then returns to the browser.
0:25 But what is unusual is this partial exchange where some of the stuff, most of the stuff is generated on the server and then a little tiny bit of
0:34 interactive htmx attributes triggers more stuff to be generated on the server and then maybe applies a CSS transition to it.
0:43 So what we're gonna do is explore four examples on where there's
0:48 actually a little cool debug network traffic analyzer. After that, you'll have a real good
0:53 sense of both what htmx is doing to make its magic happen but still leverages the server-side, as well as the broad list of all the examples up there.
1:03 You'll see there are many, to give you a sense of just what htmx can do when you combine all of those together.

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