HTMX + Flask: Modern Python Web Apps, Hold the JavaScript Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Git the source code

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0:00 I'd like you to take a minute and just pause the video and go over to
0:04 the GitHub repository. On the course student page there's a button that says repo,
0:09 you can click that or just type this simple URL in the bottom here (
0:13 I want you to download the code. If you use GitHub and you have an account go ahed and star and maybe even consider forking this.
0:19 This is all the code that you're going to see me write on screen.
0:23 Starting from the beginning of the video application written in flask to all the changes throughout
0:29 the entire course that we make and everything that you need is going to be right here. So make sure that you star and fork this so that you have it
0:36 And if you don't do git, don't worry you don't actually need to use source control at all. Just click on that green button that says code and there's a
0:43 downloaded zip file. The most important thing is that you get the source code because
0:47 we're going to be working with it, and you don't want to have to re type
0:50 everything you see me do. You want to just start for example, from where I'm starting, with the starter app.

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