HTMX + Flask: Modern Python Web Apps, Hold the JavaScript Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Student prerequisites

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0:00 If you're thinking about taking this course,
0:01 you wonder maybe I've got the right background knowledge,
0:04 maybe I don't. Well, what do we assume that you know?
0:07 Not too much to be honest.
0:08 We think that you need to know Python,
0:11 you should understand the basics of the web and HTTP,
0:14 you know, what is HTML,
0:16 what is a GET vs a POST, those kinds of things.
0:19 And you should have basic knowledge of Flask.
0:23 None of this is super advanced.
0:24 We're not using the crazy features of Python,
0:27 not doing like async generators or anything like that.
0:31 We're not doing really fancy stuff with HTML either.
0:34 And we're not using actually very many fancy aspects of Flask,
0:38 but you should know how they all work.
0:40 And so we're assuming these, we'll talk to them as we work with them,
0:43 but we're not going to be teaching them from scratch. If you do need to learn
0:46 them, we have two great courses that cover both of the main areas.
0:51 We have Python for Absolute Beginners, which teaches you Python.
0:54 It's not as simplistic as it might sound,
0:56 but it just has no assumptions about you getting started.
0:59 So it really is a good foundational course, and Building Data-Driven Web Apps with Flask and
1:04 SQLAlchemy, a really good course on Flask,
1:07 and we do talk about HTML and CSS and things like that over there.
1:11 So if you need to learn Python or Flask,
1:13 maybe consider taking one of these courses first.
1:15 But again, basic knowledge, not super advanced knowledge of our three topics is all you need.