Modern APIs with FastAPI and Python Transcripts
Chapter: Deploying FastAPI on Linux with gunicorn and nginx
Lecture: Deployment introduction

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0:00 We've built a really nice API. It's got our weather report, it's got our ability to submit recent weather events and
0:08 see those change over time. But an API is meant to be used by other people, by other applications and in order for that to happen,
0:15 we need to put it on a server somewhere so applications can interact with it. And that's what this final chapter here is all about.
0:23 It's about taking that application that we already built and deciding where to host it and then going through the actual steps of hosting it there.
0:31 It's pretty straightforward. There's a lot of little details that you'll see, but they're just in a script that we can talk through,
0:37 so it's not gonna be super intense. But that's the idea. We're going to go take this thing that we built throughout
0:42 this course and put it on the internet somewhere that you can use.

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