Modern APIs with FastAPI and Python Transcripts
Chapter: Building our first API
Lecture: Introducing our first API

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0:00 It's time to write our first FastAPI API.
0:03 We're going to create a simple application that will actually show us a ton of the
0:09 moving parts of FastAPI. Now,
0:11 because I want to just focus on getting everything set up,
0:14 I'm gonna first have us build a simple little calculator
0:18 API. You'll be able to submit a couple of numbers that will do
0:21 some simple math. The programming will be as basic as it gets.
0:25 But what will not be basic will be all the things around
0:29 FastAPI we're doing: the types being passed in, the validation,
0:32 the required fields, the error reporting,
0:35 all of those types of things.
0:36 We're going to focus on that and then going to come back for a second iteration
0:38 and build a much more interesting and complicated API
0:43 that would be, well, more realistic. But let's start by building a really cool calculator app.