Modern APIs with FastAPI and Python Transcripts
Chapter: Setup and following along
Lecture: Recommended editor

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0:00 We're going to pick an editor and use it throughout this course,
0:02 as you can imagine, we gotta have an editor of some sort.
0:05 I'm going to use PyCharm.
0:06 It's absolutely my favorite editor for working with Python projects,
0:10 especially larger ones like the one that we're gonna work with here with different types of
0:14 files and so on, on the Web.
0:16 Now, PyCharm comes in both a free and a pro edition.
0:20 The free one is free and open source,
0:22 The pro one is paid, it's not too much for a personal version,
0:25 but many people don't want to buy PyCharm,
0:28 and that's totally fine. There's no need to.
0:30 You can 100% use the free community edition for this course,
0:35 and it'll be fine. There's literally four lines of code that you're gonna see me
0:39 write or would have to write that with the community edition
0:42 you will not get auto-complete,
0:43 and with a professional edition, you get limited auto-complete.
0:46 That's the only difference. So no problem about using the free version.
0:49 If you do want PyCharm,
0:51 I recommend you get it through the toolbox app.
0:53 If you install the jetbrains toolbox,
0:55 you can install multiple apps, it automatically updates them,
0:58 you can cycle between versions, there's a lot of cool things, it auto updates, a lot of cool
1:02 things that happen by installing this.
1:04 So, if you're gonna go with that path,
1:06 go with the toolbox. Finally,
1:07 if for some reason you don't want to use PyCharm,
1:10 the other really good editor these days is Visual Studio Code.
1:14 Now, when you get Visual Studio Code,
1:15 it doesn't come by default ready to work on Python.
1:17 But if you go to the extensions by clicking that little box and you get Python
1:21 right there, click "Install python" and also install PyLance after that and then you'll
1:27 be in good shape. Those two addons make working with Python code in VS code
1:32 quite good.. Not PyCharm good,
1:34 but pretty close. So pick one of those two editors and make sure you're set
1:38 up and ready to use it, you're gonna follow along.