Modern APIs with FastAPI and Python Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Get the full story on FastAPI

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0:00 Finally, before we get your machine set up and dive in to writing code and fully covering FastAPI, I just wanna let you know,
0:07 I recently did a podcast interview with the creator of FastAPI, Sebastian Ramirez, over
0:13 at Talk Python. So, it was called "Modern and FastAPI's with FastAPI" recorded october 4th 2020. So, if you wanna listen to the creator and me
0:23 have a conversation about how it compares to these other frameworks, why he created it, and a whole bunch more,
0:29 just visit "" and listen to it, you know, throw it on while you're driving somewhere in the car, doing some housework,
0:36 It'll definitely get you motivated to go through the rest of this course and take advantage of this cool thing that Sebastian built.

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