Modern APIs with FastAPI and Python Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Student prerequisites

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0:00 What do you need to know to take this course? Well, simply put basic Python. So we're assuming that you know how to write core Python.
0:08 You can create functions, you can work with strings. We do talk about the advanced modern Python language features and how to put those
0:16 into web applications. So we don't necessarily need you to know those,
0:19 but you should have some familiarity with Python itself because we don't start from absolute the beginning and some basic understanding of HTTP.
0:27 How HTTP works, how to exchange HTML, what HTTP verbs and so on. We do touch on that as well, but again, we don't go super deep into it.
0:36 We just sort of talk about the aspects. So these are the two expectations that we assume. Maybe you can get away with less with
0:44 a little extra research, but hopefully you know a little bit of Python at a minimum to take this course.

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