Adding a CMS to Your Pyramid Web App Transcripts
Chapter: A rich editing experience
Lecture: Installing SimpleMDE

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0:00 Well, let's go and stall. Simple, empty for a project.
0:04 So I'm gonna come over here and notice that we now have a chapter nine rich editors section This is in our get help repo and what we want to dio e.
0:13 I guess this lost his little mark as a resource route. Doesn't really matter, but also and at a bank for consistency.
0:19 So what we want to do is we want to go over to our static boulder here, and we want to basically enable this website and specifically the static file section to be able to manage node Js models.
0:33 Why no jazz? Well, because that's the way that we install it in the dependencies for simple Indy, which other ways as well.
0:41 But that's probably the best one today.
0:43 So let's go open this, I guess In Finder, for just a second over here, you can see that we've got our CSS and our images thes air the things we control.
0:52 But we also want to let node manage some stuff here in the most, serve it directly out of a sub folder.
0:57 So we'll just go into this folder here and again. It's this place and we're going to say in PM in it now, this in B m is the package manager.
1:06 It's like pip off Python. If Pip of note.
1:09 If you haven't Mestre that before, and the reason we're creating a little package definition here so that will install the files here and what not otherwise they'll go a Tory user account, potentially.
1:20 So we don't want that. So it doesn't really matter what we put for this.
1:23 And now you can see we have a package dot Jason and it doesn't have much information in there. It's just like, here's the name of the project.
1:31 We're not really going to use that. We're going to use the next thing that gets created.
1:35 So now that we've done this, we can say in PM, install simple mde bash Dash saved saver thing right here. Okay, so we hit this.
1:46 It's gonna do some work to go grab all those pieces. That was pretty quick. Now it installed five packages into the node models.
1:54 If you look there, we have simple India, but we also have type O.
1:58 J s marked the code mirror spellchecker all the libraries that simple MD needs to use to work. We don't have to do anything toe work with them.
2:08 We're just gonna work with simple MD. But these do you have to be installed in around for things to work? Of course.
2:13 So we come back here and now you can see why Tom automatically knows to ignore that.
2:18 We have this locked file that talks about the versions of everything that got installed, most importantly, this one.
2:24 But then it's dependencies as well. All right, well, we've installed simple Indy. And whenever we want, we can use this on any part of our website.
2:33 And because node modules, if you go down here simple, MD dissed like that.
2:38 These pieces, because these air subdirectories of static pyramid and nginx and however other ways that we happen to host it will lead us to serve these up directly.
2:47 So this is the right place to store them without making changes to our site, to serve them from somewhere else.

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