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Online training from a source you can trust. Courses are written and presented by Michael Kennedy, the host of the Talk Python To Me podcast and professional trainer with over 10 years of experience.

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What students are saying

I just got my dream job thanks to you and your courses. I can not tell you what this means to me, it's not a job for me, it's much more than that, ... I already had a great job, but this is exceptional. I still can not believe it, that I will be joining [Cool tech company], working for a dream team, dream role, and most importantly, from now on, I will be working on Python till I die... You have changed my life Michael. I just hope one day I can meet you in person.
There are two kinds of teachers, the type that will bore you to death with slides and monotony, and then there are the ones that teach in such a way that you're excited to learn.
That's Michael.
Like I said, every concept is backed by oodles of code examples. Michael "live" types the code - so much better than static slides.
My favourite thing is that he demonstrates the multiple ways you can write the same block of code.
Julian Sequeira (from @pybites)
I'm about 30 days in and I love it so far. Like others have said, it's not for complete beginners and some days you do need to look up some stuff yourself. With that said, this is the second time I am doing the #100daysofcode challenge and I really wish I had this course in my first round. This makes things a lot more easier and structured. I 100% recommend it!
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One of the challenges of self-paced online learning is if you get stuck it can be hard to get help to get yourself unstuck.

That's why we offer live, online office hours. You drop in and join a group of fellow students to chat about your course progress and see solutions via screen sharing.

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Talk Python To Me podcast

We created and host the Talk Python To Me podcast. This provides much of the inspiration and background for our courses.

If you want to take your Python game to a higher level, you won't find a bigger assortment of interviews and insights with the leaders of the Python community.

Python Bytes podcast

Looking to keep up with the latest headlines and news in the Python space? Be sure to listen to the Python Bytes podcast.