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I am a member of a Sea Kayaking club and developed this site to showcase the club magazine that has been produced by the club more or less quarterly for some 30 years. The site supports download of entire issues and also allows search for articles by text in the title, author or location fields and extraction of individual articles for download. It also supports google map based search by location where relevant to the content.

Network Automation Nerds
This is a website that aggregates my contents and includes a membership area.
This project is a web application which allows users to store and play the trailers of their favorite movies. The application is powered by the Django Web Framework and Django's third party applications. It uses the Bootstrap Frontend Framework to nicely render the UI. is a public database of teambuilding games. The original idea was spawned in the Training Council of the European Youth Parliament and a first protopype was built in October 2012. The project is actively developed by @christiandoes since April 2019.
We constructed a database to aggregate polls and compute winning-probabilities of French elections. And we do all that in python - from the site's infrastructure and database to the data analysis; from the data cleaning to the data visualisation. Plus, python being amazing, we automated a big part of that pipeline so that we can focus on the analyses. I was a total beginner in programming and I got this app launched in one year, in big part thanks to the Python for entrepreneurs course.

Telegram HR Bot

A telegram bot which queries employee self service and manager self service information from Orange HRM (An open source human resource management system).

NFL Pool
NFLPool is a fantasy football-like application. Before the NFL season starts, players choose which teams they think will win each NFL division and which NFL players will lead in five statistical categories. Unlike traditional fantasy football where players have to set a lineup weekly, NFLPool players just make their picks before the season starts and watch it play out. NFLPool is built using Python and Pyramid, consumes APIs from <a href=''></a> for NFL statistics, stores the data in a SQLite database and uses Python to sort, calculate and display each player’s standings.

Internodal LLC Landing Page
This is the landing page for my small company website. The site showcases my Mac app and allows customers to contact me for additional information or with suggestions and bug reports. The site connects to a email list service and a software distribution service to sell my app. Not linked to the landing page are pages where I’ve sponsored a site or podcast that have special offers for their listeners or readers.

Gigablast Web Search Python Script
This application utilizes the Gigablast Search Engine to search the Internet and download web site's content in HTML format. The application will save the web page content to the local hard drive in a text file.

Accounting Data Solutions, LLC
This is primarily meant to be the web presence for my freelancing side gig - generally allowing me to publish things that I do, with the idea that it will be a place where clients will be able to log in to get to reports or admin consoles or whatever is appropriate for what I do for them. For example, currently I have a process that downloads a local manufacturer's incoming orders from their EDI provider and translates them according to their business rules into a set of files for their warehouse which I email to them. Soon I will have that whole process run autonomously on my DigitalOcean server and publish a status or activity report on the site for the client.