Cost effective online Python training

Talk Python Training offers all our courses at affordable prices, with a pay once, own it forever model and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

We think this is the fairest and best model for online courses from your perspective.

If you need training for your whole team, we also have specials for teams and enterprises.

1. Affordable, reasonable prices

For about twice the price of a good book, you can take a great course and get much more. Our courses range from $39 to $99 USD.

To find the price of an individual course, just visit the course page and it's listed right near the top.

2. Pay once, own it forever

The most important courses should be life-long resources that you refer back to and continue to use as you grow professionally.

That's why when you buy a course from Talk Python Training you pay once and you own it forever, period.

3. 100% Money-back satisfaction guarantee *

We work hard to bring you courses you'll love, recommend to your friends, and encourage your company to buy for your whole team.

But if you don't love them, there is zero risk for you.

Contact us within the first 2 weeks after your purchase and tell us that you were disappointed, we'll refund your money. *

You won't have to justify why. If you're not happy, we're not happy. But we would love to know why to make our next course better for you.

* If you have watched over 75% of the content in a given course, refunds for that particular course will no longer be an option.

4. Course bundles

With our course bundles, you can buy a set of our courses at a significant discount. With the Everything Bundle, you get access to every course on the platform.

Just like our courses, bundles come with "own it forever" purchasing. When you buy a bundle, you own all the courses forever.

Our bundle prices are similar to "the other guys" yearly subscription prices. But ours are better: You'll never pay another penny to keep access to the courses. We also have discounts for buying bundles for subsequent years.

5. Free office hours keep you from getting stuck

One of the challenges of self-paced online learning is if you get stuck it can be hard to get help to get yourself unstuck.

That's why at Talk Python Training, we offer live, online office hours. You drop in and join a group of fellow students to chat about your course progress and see solutions via screen sharing.

Just visit your account page to see the upcoming office hour schedule.

Note: This is the current policy. We do not promise to run office hours forever. But we think they are working well and will continue them as long as they do.

6. Training for your whole team and company

Do you have a team you just wish knew what was in one of our courses or our whole library?

There are special offers for teams and enterprise-wide licenses both for courses and our whole library.

Team members Price (of original)
1-5 100%
6-10 90%
11-15 85%
16-20 80%
21-50 70%
51-∞ 50%

Note that these prices are tier. For example, if you had 12 students, the first 5 would pay full price, the next 5 would receive a 10% discount, and the last 2 would receive a 15% discount.

For enterprise-wide licenses or additional questions, please just shoot us an email: contact us.

7. Payment methods

We accept major credit cards and are happy to arrange alternate payment methods (e.g. PayPal). Just contact us if our online e-commerce system doesn't work for your card or region.

Purchase orders are great too. Just contact us to arrange purchases and we'll send an invoice your way.

8. Security

What about security? Should you trust this site with your credit card?

Yes, but it's simpler than this.

We use Stripe Checkout which means our servers never even see your credit card number and we never store your billing information.

We only store your email and password which is highly hashed using security best practices. Our entire site runs over 256-bit SSL.

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