Write Pythonic Code Like a Seasoned Developer Transcripts
Chapter: Course Conclusion
Lecture: Thanks and bye

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0:01 If this dive into "what is Pythonic code",
0:03 what are the idioms and the best ways of working in Python is interesting to you,
0:07 I encourage you to check on my podcast "Talk Python To Me";
0:10 on "Talk Python To Me", I interview many of the great developers in the Python community,
0:14 and our conversations often get around to things that touch on or hint at Pythonic ideas.
0:20 We've talked about SQLAlchemy, and I've had Mike Bayer on the show
0:23 who is the creator and maintainer of SQLALchemy,
0:25 we talked about Python For Humans, all done by Kenneth Reitz,
0:28 he was on the show talking about Requests and APIs and so on,
0:32 and that just gives you a sense of how you can dig much deeper in these topics,
0:35 so if this resonates with you, go check out the podcast.
0:39 And before you leave, I want to take the chance to say "thank you,
0:42 thank you for having the faith in me to buy my class,
0:44 thank you for taking the time and spend it with me
0:47 to make it all the way to the end."
0:48 I hope you fond it really valuable and I'd love to connect with you online or offline,
0:53 thanks again.