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Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Video player: A quick feature tour

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0:00 Welcome to your course i want to take just a quick moment to take you on a tour, the video player in all of its features so that you get the
0:08 most out of this entire course and all the courses you take with us so you'll start your course page of course,
0:13 and you can see that it graze out and collapses the work they've already done so
0:18 let's, go to the next video here opens up this separate player and you could
0:22 see it a standard video player stuff you can pause for play you can actually skip
0:28 back a few seconds or skip forward a few more you can jump to the next
0:32 or previous lecture things like that shows you which chapter in which lecture topic you're learning
0:37 right now and as other cool stuff like take me to the course page, show me the full transcript dialogue for this lecture take me to get home repo where
0:45 the source code for this course lives and even do full text search and when we
0:49 have transcripts that's searching every spoken word in the entire video not just titles and description
0:56 that things like that also some social media stuff up there as well. For those of you who have a hard time hearing or don't speak english is your
1:05 first language we have subtitles from the transcripts, so if you turn on subtitles right here,
1:11 you'll be able to follow along as this words are spoken on the screen. I know that could be a big help to some of you just cause this is
1:17 a web app doesn't mean you can't use your keyboard. You want a pause and play? Use your space bar to top of that,
1:23 you want to skip ahead or backwards left arrow, right? Our next lecture shift left shift,
1:28 right went to toggle subtitles just hit s and if you wonder what all the hockey star and click this little thing right here,
1:34 it'll bring up a dialogue with all the hockey options. Finally, you may be watching this on a tablet or even a phone,
1:40 hopefully a big phone, but you might be watching this in some sort of touch screen device. If that's true, you're probably holding with your thumb,
1:47 so you click right here. Seek back ten seconds right there to seek ahead thirty and, of course, click in the middle to toggle play or pause now on
1:54 ios because the way i was works, they don't let you auto start playing videos, so you may have to click right in the middle here.
2:01 Start each lecture on iowa's that's a player now go enjoy that core.

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