Write Pythonic Code Like a Seasoned Developer Transcripts
Chapter: Welcome to the course
Lecture: Recommended editor

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0:01 So you can use any editor you would like,
0:03 however, I am going to use PyCharm.
0:05 One, because I think PyCharm is the best editor for Python,
0:08 two- because PyCharm actually detects and warns you
0:12 and sometimes even automatically corrects errors
0:15 when you write code that is not Pythonic.
0:17 This has to do with naming,
0:19 this has to do with structure, all sorts of cool things.
0:22 So I am going to be using PyCharm in the videos
0:24 and I encourage you to get it as well.
0:26 You can get it at jetbrains.com/pycharm.
0:29 If we open that in our browser you can see here is the PyCharm page
0:32 and if we go to download it, you'll see there are actually two versions,
0:35 there is the PyCharm community edition which is 100% free,
0:39 and there is the PyCharm professional edition
0:41 and if you look at the place where the features are missing
0:44 from the community edition,
0:46 it's really around things like database, web and profiler information
0:49 as well as some of their Docker support.
0:52 So, for this course you should be able to use the community edition,
0:54 I love this tool, I pay for it so I am going to be using the professional edition.
0:58 It works great on OS X, on Windows and on Linux.
1:03 So whatever operating system you use, you should be able to use it.