Using and Mastering Cookiecutter Transcripts
Chapter: Sharing your Cookiecutter template with the world
Lecture: Step 3: Creating the pull request

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0:01 So, we've made the change to the restructured text
0:03 to put our cookiecutter link in here.
0:05 Next what we need to do is just create the pull request
0:08 so we've already made the change here, and we've already cloned it over here
0:12 so let's go back to this folder right here
0:14 cookiecutter is what we want to work with
0:17 now you can do whatever you want for managing these files
0:21 in git, I very much like source tree.
0:25 At first it was overwhelming with too many buttons and knobs
0:28 but once I got used to it I really liked it a lot better than command line
0:31 or any of the other UI tools.
0:33 So I'm going to come over here and basically register this inside a source tree
0:40 so then I open it up, it already knows about my repository, the history
0:44 like here you can see all the forked history and whatnot
0:46 because that came from the original one, so I'm going to come down here and say
0:50 adds this to the Python-Pyramid cookiecutter template
0:59 now you want to be really clear here
1:02 because this is going to be part of the message
1:04 that Audrey and the whole Cookiecutter team will see
1:06 Okay so I check it in and I'm actually going to push that back to GitHub, excellent
1:10 so we have that done, now we go back over to GitHub here
1:14 to our fork, the mikeckennedy not the audrey one and I refresh, it's going to say
1:19 hey look this branch is one commit ahead of master
1:24 create a pull request, let's do that first of all let's compare to just see
1:29 what's going on here, we've made a change to one file
1:33 ok that's cool, what is that one change,
1:37 we didn't mess up anybody else's stuff, but we added this one
1:41 and we added it here, and what is this deal with
1:46 down below I'm not really sure I think it's just some random formatting or something
1:49 yeah that doesn't look really changed to me,
1:52 it just looks like some sort of funky detection thing going on there about the diffs
1:56 okay great so we've added this, and we've added this
2:00 okay so now that I feel happy, I'm not going to break what they have
2:06 let's double check in, we still have
2:09 we still have TF module yes okay I feel confident that I'm not going to break this
2:11 I'm going to click create pull request, and notice here
2:15 it adds cookiecutter to pyramid cookiecutter template
2:17 so I'm going do it like so, just put a little message
2:20 maybe make this into a link so they can review it
2:23 ok this pull request adds cookiecutter-pyramid-talk-python-starter
2:28 to the Python-Pyramid cookiecutter templates
2:32 let's do a preview, make sure it all looks good,
2:34 maybe even double check the link, it looks like it went somewhere
2:36 cool and I think it's ready to send off
2:41 so now if they accept this PR, it's going to just merge back
2:43 and show up right there on our page
2:46 okay the pull request is open that doesn't mean they're going to accept it
2:50 they kind of look through and they're going to say
2:52 you did it well, you messed up something I'm not sure
2:55 it's going to run some continuous integration
2:59 you can come back and check that in a little bit
3:00 assuming we did this correctly they'll approve it
3:02 and it should pretty soon show up in that pantry.
3:06 Oh, one more thing I want to tell you before we move on
3:09 you saw me editing that restructured text file
3:14 and I want to make sure that everything came together correctly
3:18 so it would look all right; once I committed it I can go back to my clone
3:23 my fork of cookiecutter, I can come down here
3:26 and I can click on that restructured text file
3:29 and notice if I scroll down and you can notice that I added this
3:31 so we can come down until we get to the templates
3:36 or the pantry full templates okay, so we got this,
3:39 we come down to until we get to the pyramid one
3:42 and notice right here Python-Pyramid
3:44 the last one is cookiecutter-pyramid-talk-python-starter
3:46 there's that and if I click the link- boom, it looks like it works
3:51 okay so just the point is you can come back to GitHub
3:53 and verify that everything still looks the same as you would expect.
3:57 All right so long as they approve this,
4:00 and you can participate in the conversation over here
4:03 as there is the back and forth
4:06 long as they approve this, you should have your Cookiecutter template in the pantry.