Using and Mastering Cookiecutter Transcripts
Chapter: Sharing your Cookiecutter template with the world
Lecture: Sharing your template

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0:02 Now, you've been able to create your own template
0:05 you probably want to share it with the world.
0:06 I suppose there's two different paths you might be on
0:10 with this template itself
0:12 one remember what I called the working farther with integrated systems
0:16 that might happen inside of your company and you probably wouldn't want to do that
0:20 but if you are working on anything open source or out in the public
0:24 you will very much likely want to have your Cookiecutter listed
0:26 on the Cookiecutter home page, of course you'll have it in your documentation
0:29 and you'll have it on your website and so on,
0:32 but you go ahead and put it to here so everybody can find it.
0:35 Right, so what we're going to talk about is how we take a template that we create
0:39 and get it listed here, as well as just generally make it available to the world.