Using and Mastering Cookiecutter Transcripts
Chapter: Case studies: Major projects using Cookiecutter
Lecture: Case study: OpenStack

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0:01 The next place I want to look at as a case study is OpenStack, so here you can see there's a little picture graphic showing you
0:07 what OpenStack is about, it's got some kind of dashboard you've got compute resources, think of those as virtual machines as well,
0:14 infrastructure as a service and platform as a service, software-defined networks, storage and so on.
0:19 Like I said, this is basically AWS, you can install on your own data center and configure as you like, it's pretty cool.
0:27 So let's see what they're doing with Cookiecutter. So we can come over here and the first thing is there's an install guide
0:32 that you can create for various parts and they want to make sure that this comes out the same, so here's a Cookiecutter template
0:39 for new install guides, here it just gives you a little info about Cookiecutter and whatnot but basically you go in here and it shows you how to create
0:46 all the various documentation and settings that you need to tell people how to install your particular thing
0:53 that you're going to integrate into OpenStack; ok so that's cool. Another one is Puppet, so Puppet is like a devops type thing
1:01 you can manage infrastructure and whatnot with Puppet, here is a template that generates an OpenStack compliant Puppet script
1:09 so it's pretty involved you can see all the various pieces like the test scripts and what not going here, you can see it it sets everything up
1:17 that you need to run Puppet just so, all right, all the specifications, the details about the Puppet files and so on.
1:24 So this is really nice if you want to use Puppet with OpenStack, start here of course.
1:28 Finally, you can test OpenStack and the system that they use for testing is
1:34 this thing called Tempest, so here's a way to create tests that run on OpenStack
1:39 it shows you how to use it, how to get started and so on, pretty straightforward you guys already know because you know Cookiecutter.
1:46 So, here's just three ways that they're using Cookiecutter that are official listed on their GitHub repo.

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