Using and Mastering Cookiecutter Transcripts
Chapter: Case studies: Major projects using Cookiecutter
Lecture: Introducing the case studies

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0:01 By now you're quite capable with Cookiecutter,
0:04 you know all the advance uses as a user,
0:07 you know how to create your own including things like hooks
0:11 and conditional statements inside the cookiecutter.json,
0:14 as well as how to use the API to actually wrap up
0:17 the functionality of Cookiecutter with a nicer shell.
0:20 So I think it's a good time to take a moment and just look around the industry
0:25 and see how other people, other projects are using Cookiecutter.
0:29 Now, I grabbed three projects that I'm familiar with
0:32 but there are many more as you saw when we did a search on GitHub,
0:36 there was quite a few options out there.
0:39 So feel free to do your own exploration
0:41 I'm going to take you on a tour of three particular projects
0:44 first one we are going to look at is Beeware,
0:46 these guys are doing really interesting cross-platform
0:50 native type things with Python and Cookiecutter plays a central role in this
0:53 so I think this is going to be an interesting use case here;
0:57 OpenStack, OpenStack is an open source largely Python based
1:02 version of more or less AWS, right,
1:05 you can take and add VM capabilities, you can add storage capabilities,
1:10 database capabilities, all sorts of stuff like this and it's quite a large project
1:14 so working with it can be quite challenging, and so you'll see
1:18 how they're using Cookiecutter on certain parts of OpenStack.
1:21 Finally, we'll look at the Pyramid web framework,
1:25 this is a project that I've been involved with
1:27 on the Cookiecutter side as well as the web app
1:30 and you'll get a look inside how these guys are moving to Cookiecutter.