Using and Mastering Cookiecutter Transcripts
Chapter: Programmatic Cookiecutter: Using the API
Lecture: Introducing the game maker

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0:00 For this programmatic Cookiecutter demo throuhgout this chapter,
0:05 we're going to try to do something fun here, I am going to create an application called "game_maker",
0:08 and this "game_maker" can make three types of games,
0:10 it can make pong, it can make Tic-tac-toe, it can make Hi-Lo,
0:14 guess the number, it's too high, too low, that game.
0:17 So what we're going to do is we are going to start with the template,
0:20 and we are going to write a program
0:22 that wraps up the project creation and of course,
0:25 leverages Cookicutter in the internals to do so,
0:28 but it's going to have a custom experience, for the user, okay.
0:31 Now, first thing we want to do is I want to start with the template,
0:34 I am going to just paste that in here, and it's called
0:37 "cookiecutter-use-api", not a super creative name,
0:40 but that is what I am calling it.
0:42 Now, notice over here in the template this is a cookiecutter thing,
0:45 we have a hook we have a post generation hook,
0:48 we have a name, we have three games,
0:51 we have Hi-Lo, we have pong, we have a readme
0:53 that tells you what kind of game you've created, things like that,
0:56 really, it's just a demo but you know, people can play the game if they want.
0:59 Right, so the idea is we are going to have our game maker,
1:03 and we are going to have this thing here,
1:05 which I am going to need the path to in just a moment,
1:08 and, we are going to basically ask the necessary questions
1:10 that would otherwise be asked here, by Cookiecutter itself
1:14 and we're going to use that to create the project,
1:16 but before we do, let's just see what would happen
1:19 if I ran this directly, so if I say cookiecutter and I give it the whole URL there,
1:23 it's going to run, it says what is the name of my game,
1:25 okay my_game, my name, I am going to pick let's say hilo,
1:29 boom, great, so that was kind of an okay experience,
1:32 it didn't really tell me what kind of game it was going to be
1:35 or it didn't explain a lot about what Cookiecutter use APIs about,
1:39 but technically, if I look here I do have a game,
1:42 and I can even go into my game maybe I should have put that in source,
1:46 huh, I'll move, actually no, I want it right here, so I can come down here,
1:49 I could even play my game, if you want, so that's pretty cool,
1:53 hey, my name is Michael, 3, 50, too low, 75 wow
1:59 how was that for some luck awesome,
2:02 so we played the game we created, but we can do better
2:04 if we wrap this API and just use this as the kernel to create the game itself.