Using and Mastering Cookiecutter Transcripts
Chapter: Advanced Cookiecutter usage
Lecture: Concept: Replay

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0:01 So let's look at this replay command as a concept.
0:05 So I want to come over here and we'll run cookicutter cookicutter-bottle
0:08 if we hit enter it's going to ask us a bunch of questions, right,
0:11 we've go to hit enter, we've got to fill this out and so on,
0:14 now, it would be nice if we wanted to exactly feed that
0:17 again and again and again, into this template.
0:20 Like I said, continuous integration, creating your own template, whatever,
0:23 so that is what this replay is all about, so now we can just say
0:26 --replay hit enter and boom, the same thing comes out
0:29 and it's exactly as if we had just entered those values before,
0:32 but instead, cookiecutter remembered them and played them back for us.
0:36 How does it work, well, if you look in your ~/.cookicutter_replay folder,
0:41 so that is either in your home directory on Mac OS or Linux
0:47 or similarly home directory in Windows, you'll see right here
0:50 we can pull this cookiecutter-bottle.json and here are
0:55 all of the values I exactly entered, so that just gets fed
0:58 as a dictionary directly to the template engine.