Using and Mastering Cookiecutter Transcripts
Chapter: Advanced Cookiecutter usage
Lecture: Extra defaults

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0:01 Let me show you how you can add occasional extra defaults,
0:05 so this default file this is a default forever,
0:08 you will always have all of those defaults,
0:10 now, it might be that you want to run this, from the command line
0:14 and for some reason, you want to set the app name to something else.
0:17 So let's try this, if we go over here and just say app_name=
0:23 and we just use key=value, and we say app_name=the_bottle
0:27 and let's also say project_name="The Bottle" like this,
0:31 now if we run it, we'll see that we get the defaults from our default file,
0:35 Michael Kennedy, email, GitHub and now, project_name default is "The Bottle",
0:40 instead of "My Bottle App", app name is the_bottle, right,
0:43 so if you're going to try to automate this stuff, this is really nice
0:47 and maybe even you want to give it a no inputs at this point.
0:50 Alright, so here we could do this, and we could of course say --no-input
0:55 and even a -f
1:00 And boom, there it goes, so now we have "The Bottle",
1:04 and we actually created it twice, first when I hit enter a bunch of times,
1:07 the second one when I just ran that one command line.