Using and Mastering Cookiecutter Transcripts
Chapter: Advanced Cookiecutter usage
Lecture: Careful with that YAML file

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0:01 Let me show you something that I ran into that seems really touchy,
0:05 with these default value files, we come over here
0:08 and we can run our cookiecutter cookiecutter-bottle and it gives us our values,
0:11 everything looked great, and that looked super easy, right.
0:14 Well, let's go and make the most minor change,
0:17 and notice that there is a line 5 that is empty here,
0:20 if you are unfortunate enough to not have hit enter and then backed up one time,
0:24 you're going to run into something weird,
0:27 so let's leave it like this, right, all I did was remove that last blank line,
0:30 I changed nothing else about it, and now let's try this again,
0:33 if I hit enter, bam, unable to parse the YAML file, error,
0:37 none of the patterns match for GitHub usernames, like oh what is this.
0:41 So apparently, I am not sure where this touchiness lies,
0:45 is this Cookiecutter's built-in YAML parser, is this actually the YAML specification,
0:49 I don't know, but let me just tell you, you really need a newline there,
0:54 so now if I do it again, everything works like a charm.
0:58 Okay, so super important, you have a blank line there.