Using and Mastering Cookiecutter Transcripts
Chapter: System setup and installing Cookiecutter
Lecture: Prerequisites (Python and an editor)

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0:02 Let's talk about what you need to take this course,
0:05 what software you need set up to get going.
0:08 First of all, Cookiecutter is a Python application,
0:11 that means you are going to need Python on your system.
0:14 Now, depending on what operating system you're using,
0:17 you may or may not have Python, you may or may not have
0:20 the right version of Python, we're going to use Python 3 throughout this course
0:23 except for in one section where we actually edit Cookiecutter,
0:27 that is done more easily in Python 2 than it is in Python 3
0:31 because some of the dependencies.
0:34 So for the most part, unless you plan on actually editing
0:37 and making changes to Cookiecutter itself,
0:39 as we do in one example just to show you how,
0:42 at the very end of the course, you're going to only need Python 3.
0:45 So you can get that at and I am going to show you
0:48 how to install this on Windows, on Mac OS,
0:52 and you already have it on Ubuntu so I won't really talk too much about that part,
0:56 but I will show you how to install the editors for all three of those operating systems.
0:59 So after this video, you're going to see three separate videos,
1:03 one for Windows, one for Mac OS, and one for Linux.
1:06 Obviously, only watch the one that is relevant to the operating system you are using.
1:11 Okay, so if you don't have Python 3, you can go to your terminal command line
1:14 and type python -V and see what comes out,
1:18 or python3 -V and see what comes out;
1:22 if you don't have Python 3, you should go install it as outlined in the next video.
1:26 We're also going to need a solid Python enabled editor.
1:30 Now, much of this course you don't really need much of an editor at all,
1:34 you don't need to know anything about Python,
1:37 but there are few sections where we do
1:40 the programmatic API consumption of Cookiecutter,
1:43 and where we modify Cookiecutter, those two parts,
1:46 you're going to need a nice Python editor, I recommend PyCharm,
1:49 I'll show you how t get it and install it, if you want to use something else,
1:52 Visual Studio Code with the Python plugin, Sublime text, whatever,
1:56 you can use anything you want, but I'll show you
1:59 how to install the free community version of PyCharm,
2:01 and that is what I'll be using throughout this course,
2:03 for the demos that involve writing lots of Python.