Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion
Lecture: The '6' git concepts

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0:00 By now, you should be familiar with the ideas underlying the six.
0:04 Number six core git commands or git ideas clone is how we get a copy of
0:09 the distributed repository to our system status just tells us what has happened on the repository
0:16 Usually in the current branch,
0:18 you know what files are changed and what have been added and what are just hanging
0:23 around untracked, adding commit this stages,
0:27 changes to be committed and then actually commits them locally to our copy of the repository
0:31 Push and pull. Exchange and synchronize our local copy of the repository of with
0:37 some hosted version and fetch will refresh that information without actually pulling down the changes.
0:43 Log is just the history and we saw around branching we have checkout and branch sometimes
0:51 were emerging and when we're doing a pull so maybe that one belongs with push pull
0:55 Maybe it checks, has to do with the branch kind of fits in both
0:58 those, doesn't it? So those are the six core ideas around Git And as
1:04 they're shown on the screen, those are the actual commands.
1:06 But you've seen all the UI tools surface these in some way or another,
1:11 but the terminology is not necessarily identical across all of them.