Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Course conclusion
Lecture: The tools we used

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0:00 Remember I opened this course saying this will be a pragmatic course where we focus on
0:05 taking the best tools to work with source control and not take some least common denominator
0:11 approach and work in just the terminal and hopefully you've gained an appreciation of that approach
0:17 We've used three tools and I gotta say we bounced around quite a bit between
0:23 the tools because I wanted to give you exposure to whatever tool it is you might
0:28 choose to use. Are you going to stick with that lassie and source tree and
0:31 just do everything. They're great.
0:33 We're going to do that. We did a little on Mac and Windows or if
0:36 you're going to use one of the core python editors PyCharm.
0:39 or VS code. We did a lot of work in both of those as well.
0:42 So remember all of these are free source tree.
0:45 This is the tool that I use when I need to do real serious git stuff
0:50 if I need to be sure that I'm doing stuff.
0:52 Exactly right. Or I want every possible detail.
0:55 Well then this seems like the tool for you.
0:59 I would recommend that you install a new source tree in addition to whatever else you
1:03 choose if that's some kind of editor.
1:07 We also saw that PyCharm has ridiculously good support for things like regular source control
1:13 but also PRS and working with some of the ideas from Git hub.
1:18 VS code. Another great editor.
1:20 I really love git Lens and this way to sort of see the history and what
1:24 has happened to this file as you just happened to be working through it.
1:27 of course you can turn that off if it distracts you.
1:29 But I think that's a really cool feature as well.
1:31 So you understand what's happening around you,
1:34 great editor and has really good support.
1:36 for git as we saw now I said we're not going to just take this least common
1:43 denominator approach and spend all of our time in the terminal.
1:46 And of course that's true. That's what we did.
1:48 But that doesn't mean we're issuing the terminal,
1:51 we're just saying we can't be there.
1:53 It just should be one of the tools in our tool chest.
1:55 So we saw that we have the terminal on Mac Os and the new Windows terminal
2:01 over on Windows and we used the Zshell on mac Os and Linux and I recommended
2:06 oh my posh pretty much across the board for its cool integration with git,
2:10 you know, the prompt that shows you if there's any changes and what brings you
2:13 on and those sorts of things.
2:15 So here's some of the tools that we've covered this is not exhaustive.
2:19 Feel free to go and explore and find more. I'm sure there are more ones which I dont know about.