Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Tips and fixing mistakes
Lecture: Fixe: Lost .git folder?

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0:00 Let's close out the course. Talking about a few ways to solve minor problems or maybe bigger problems that you've run into.
0:08 And the first one I want to talk about is oh no, I've lost the .git folder.
0:12 Let's see what I mean. Let's just take our rock paper scissors project that we've been working on over here. We've got our RPS folder.
0:20 And if you were to just come over here and say copy, go somewhere and then paste those details,
0:26 you will have all the contents of the github repository as they are right now for
0:32 whatever branch you've checked them out and whatever state you've gotten it into.
0:36 But remember if you hit command shift dot on Mac Os or Windows and explorers to
0:42 say show hidden files there are these other files that would not be copied and not moved around. So somehow you've lost access to these things.
0:51 But you've made changes. Well what you could do is you could just go and check this out this project out again to another folder,
1:00 copy everything. Overwrite it and it will automatically pick up all the changes. At least all the new files and modified files,
1:08 I guess it wouldn't pick up the deleted files, you'd have to synchronize that a bit.
1:12 But if something gets completely messed up then you can overwrite those files and keep going
1:17 This also works. If you get the git hub repository into an absolute trashed state. You're like, I just even with Git commands,
1:25 I cannot get it back into a state that works. It's so messed up. But I've made these changes. I need to keep well check out another folder,
1:34 copy. Just the actual files, not the .git folder, stuff like that. Drop it over, open it up again and you'll have just the changes that you've
1:43 made. Not like all the git history. You gotta be really careful there. I mean the commits you haven't pushed will get lost that way and so on.
1:50 But it is sort of an escape patch if things get too out of control. But if you lose the git folder,
1:56 you basically turn this structure that contains the files. You can still, you know,
2:01 check it out again and override it and it will take on whatever changes that maybe we're still in those files that got separated from git.

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