Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Tips and fixing mistakes
Lecture: Tip: GitHub Repository Bling

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0:00 So you've got your Git hub profile looking good. What about your favorite repository? It deserves some love too.
0:08 So over here we have another article that's super cool. Bit.ly/257a7. Take your github repository to the next level.
0:16 This one actually covers about 15 steps of things that you can do to make your repo better. So make it more discoverable of tags.
0:24 Give it a name. That's great. Give it a nice cover image. Uh add badges to convey more information.
0:32 One of the ones they actually pull out in the article is the nerd fonts, one hooray. We already talked about them but you know,
0:39 nice description. Nice tags has a website. The section up here has been customized. You got these badges that show the release,
0:49 how to find the chat on twitter. Apparently the build is failing etcetera etcetera. But all sorts of cool stuff.
0:57 We actually discussed this over on Python bytes. fm 281 on Show 281. So if you want to hear more detail about that,
1:05 go listen to this episode right here. The first item that I covered on that episode.
1:10 So check this out, make sure that your github repo is looking as good as it can. If the goal is to make it popular and have people discover and
1:21 go, oh this looks really nice. Let me check it out. That's not your goal. Dont worry about it.

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