Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Tips and fixing mistakes
Lecture: Tip: GitHib Profile Bling

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0:00 Next tip make your Git hub profile look better. When you think about git hub profiles, you should really think of what you have on,
0:10 git hub for your user account and your repositories as a modern CV. Or a modern resume. So why not make it look better and stand out compared
0:19 to everyone else. There are a whole bunch of details here. So instead of taking you through all of them,
0:23 I'm just gonna link you over to an article at bit.ly /3vajz check this out and it will expand out to some huge along url
0:32 And here we have an article Maria and she wrote a cool article showing you how to make your github repo look better.
0:41 This is something I'm planning on doing. I haven't gotten around to doing it yet. So if you check out my profile, it looks like the standard profile.
0:48 We've got a picture, do set a nice picture in there, a little bio, your name and so on. And then it just shows your popular repositories.
0:56 You can pin different repositories but you know what popular is fine for me and here's
1:00 some other stuff, it shows your contributions and and what not now. You can do better. For example, check out Rias. She's got a cool animated gift.
1:11 You can decide if that's what you want to show. You can put like a banner image, you can put a welcome message.
1:17 More info about yourself. Ways to connect with you, things you care about. You can show like your git hub stats.
1:23 So like what is your sort of open source score here and languages that you care
1:28 about and whatnot. This article walks you through all the steps and once you can do that, and also while you're there at links inside that article,
1:36 so you can find it there to this place that curates a bunch of great git hub profiles to inspire you and where you can also take example from.
1:44 So if you scroll down here, there's a ton of profiles that you can come down here and check out and see this person's profile, what it looks like.
1:54 Great. Looks really nice. Right? So if you want to take your GIT hub repository to the next level,
1:59 especially if you're using GIT hub as a way to get yourself in front of companies because you want to get a new job or things like that,
2:08 you know, consider making it look a little bit better and follow along this article here that Ria wrote.

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