Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Tips and fixing mistakes
Lecture: Tip: Nerd fonts

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0:00 Wait, where did all those cool icons and graphics in the terminal come from? We saw that our Oh my posh had little arrows that clicked together.
0:10 The pls had like, markdown and Python icons. What the heck are those? Let me introduce you to nerd fonts.
0:19 I don't know if you've been familiar with these. They're awesome fonts. A whole bunch of different,
0:24 mostly developer focused fonts that have things like font ligatures, but most importantly, they support all of those really interesting and different.
0:36 UI's like these little home and folder icons that little like working icon, this atomic element and so on.
0:45 Every one of the fonts here has been tested and is known to work well with OhMy Posh, pls all those different things.
0:54 So if you're going to use some of these tools, it's basically a requirement that you set your terminal's font to be one of these nerd
1:01 fonts. And there are a whole bunch of them. They're also really great just developer fonts,
1:06 so check them out there, pretty much required to make all this stuff that I've
1:11 been showing you work. But they're also just really great fonts to work with as a developer.

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