Up and Running with Git Transcripts
Chapter: Tips and fixing mistakes
Lecture: Tip: Oh my posh

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0:00 If you're a Windows user, you may have been feeling a little left out with that. OhMy Zshell conversation we just had.
0:07 But don't worry because OhMyPosh and Power Shell to the rescue over here on our Windows machine. If when you are working on the terminal or do you call
0:18 it the command prompt? If it looks like this, you need even more help than the folks over on Mac Os because this it's even
0:28 less far down the line. Less advanced. Less powerful than the built in bash into Mac Os. But that's not what I use when I'm on Windows.
0:37 Oh no, I use the new Microsoft terminal because guess what? It's way better than the old school command prompt.
0:46 And look at this. Look at this power shell stuff we got going on right here. So we're using the new,
0:53 not the built in but the new power shell that you can get off of. Github from Microsoft, which has a bunch of cool features.
1:00 And OhMyPosh gives us this great prompt. That is exactly what we have over on our Mac Os as well as you will
1:10 see. So we can come over to some kind of github repo for example here we are in our rps and if we make some changes here and now
1:24 we have a new file, you can see that we even have it indicating just like we've seen before. One file has changed one file has been edited and needs
1:34 to be dealt with and git we're on the main branch. Much, much nicer experience here. So highly recommend that you check out.
1:44 Oh My Posh, if you're over here on Windows, So Microsoft terminal. Oh, my posh, new power Shell and you get a much,
1:54 much better, much more git friendly, developer friendly experience.

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